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Ronnie Johnson Victorious in Katie Memorial Race at Boyd's!
(September 8, 2018) The Katie Memorial Race was an awesome race with an All Capital Race Car front row, Jason Deal and Ronnie Johnson, making up the front row, at the drop of the green it was RJ out front, but Jason Deal right on his deck, lap after lap, The real battle was for second with 2 in a row winner Ethan Hunter throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Jason Deal, but the Copperhill Tenn driver was not phased as he zeroed in on the 85 of Johnson, but even lapped traffic could not slow Johnson down and at the Checkered it was Ronnie Johnson for the win followed by Jason Deal and Ethan Hunter the top 3.

The Sportsman Feature saw young gun Jake Green in his first race at Boyd's this season jump out to an early lead and walk away, but tire issues slowed the youngster with 10 to go, and he drifted back another first timer to Boyd's David Harwood took over the lead and never looked back, at the line it was David Harwood, Booger Brooks, and Jeremy Broome.

The Hobby feature saw Derek Franks the current points leader have to start at the rear due to winning two in a row. But he was not to be denied as he roared back to the lead and took home his 3rd in a row followed to the line by Greg Tinker, and Jason Brown your top 3.

Street Stock saw Lamar Hughes jump out to an early lead as Points leader Jim Gilbert and Steve Hadley battle, with Gilbert having problems giving 2nd to Hadley and 3rd to Tommy Gilbert. But noone had anything for Lamar Hughes. As he took the win.

Limited late models rolled out and Robbie Mason set the track on it's ear leading wire to wire for the entire race, but wasn't able to clear the tech building and got the DQ giving the race to points leader Justin Litchford, who had run a very strong second.and Justin Owens 3rd.

Great night of racing! Next race Sept 22 for our classic & custom car show, followed by racing in all classes! This will be our last points race so make plans now to come on out!

A Feature 1:
1. 4-Justin Litchford, 06:35.850[1];
2. 23S-Justin Owens, 06:38.269[3];
3. 6T-Todd Hernandez, 06:40.505[4];
4. 10B-Jimmy Brown, 06:43.963[5];
5. 84-Paul Tims, 06:44.411[6];
6. 393-DJ Hayes, 06:46.744[7];
7. 21-Dane Carter, 03:23.270[8];
(DQ) 31H-Robby Mason, 06:35.283[2]

A Feature 1:
1. 85-Ronnie Johnson, 15:58.146[2];
2. 7-Jason Deal, 15:58.545[1];
3. 15-Ethan Hunter, 15:59.113[3];
4. 0-John Ownby, 15:59.376[5];
5. 3-Bryan Pritchard, 15:59.791[4];
6. 17B-Chip Brindle, 16:00.168[7];
7. 24-Chase Walls, 16:00.880[10];
8. 38J-Joseph Seals, 16:01.505[8];
9. 22T-Mike Tinker, 16:02.236[9];
10. 14LP-Logan Palmer, 16:02.656[6];
11. 2-Josh Walker, 10:46.028[12];
12. 73-Matthew Stewart, 16:06.693[14];
13. 31-TIM THORNTON, 16:12.378[11];
14. 96M-Marty Lunsford, 16:14.033[16];
15. 52M-Johnathan Miracle, 16:05.511[13];
16. 151-David Turner, 16:05.259[17];
17. 38-Kasey Hall, 14:22.873[18];
18. 07-Dewayne Aldridge, 10:46.028
(DNS) 6-Chris Ledbetter, 10:46.028;
(DNS) 611-David Brannon, 10:46.028

A Feature 1:
1. 25-David Harwood, 23:25.855[4];
2. 148-Booger Brooks, 23:26.602[15];
3. 12-Jeremy Broome, 23:30.357[1];
4. 30-Brent Clark, 23:30.939[3];
5. 41-Jake Green, 23:31.885[2];
6. 28-Bobby Doss, 23:31.928[8];
7. 17J-Justin Cameron, 23:35.421[5];
8. 22-Sean Guffey, 23:36.570[16];
9. 10-John Clark, 23:37.294[7];
10. 8-Jesse Hughes, 23:39.977[14];
11. 316-Fast Eddy, 23:40.054[6];
12. 11-Don Van Winkle, 19:05.708[12];
13. 62-Brendon Higgins, 19:05.708[9];
(DNS) 15-Jacob Stewart, 19:05.708;
(DNS) T6-Ronnie Kerr, 19:05.708;
(DNS) 4-Scott Franks, 19:05.708

A Feature 1:
1. 4F-Derek Franks, 06:11.185[6];
2. 1-Greg Tinker, 06:14.558[1];
3. 42-Jason Brown, 06:15.472[2];
4. 14-Pete Roberts, 06:18.001[5];
5. C6-Ronnie Kerr Jr, 06:22.961[3];
6. 14B-Bronon Francis, 06:32.192[4]

A Feature 1:
1. 10-Lamar Hughes, [3];
2. 19-Jim Gilbert, [1];
3. 70-Steve Hadley, [4];
4. T19-Tommy Gilbert, [2]

A Feature 1:
1. 52-Hayden Swaney, 11:51.802[1];
2. 13M-Mark Ramsey, 11:54.917[3];
3. 15-David Turner, 11:55.658[5];
4. 32-Halley Adams, 03:30.583[2];
5. 14-Cade Bruckshire, 08:15.502[4]



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