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Page Wires Field for Chevy Series Victory at Boyd's Speedway!
(August 31, 2018) Leading every lap, polesitter Michael Page of Douglasville, Georgia, picked up a Chevrolet Performance Super Late Model Series victory tonight at Boyd's Speedway in Ringgold, Georgia! Page pulled away from Jake Knowles following a late caution to win by 1.833 seconds. The victory at the Chattanooga-area facility was worth $3,000. Jake Knowles finished second while series points leader Ronnie Johnson also landed on the podium. Other winners on the evening included Ethan Hunter (Crate Late Model), Colton Jackson (Sportsman), Derek Franks (Hobby), Lamar Hughes (Street Stocks), and Mark Ramsey (Driver Development).

Kicking off a great night of racing was the shortest feature of the year with current points leader Derek Franks and Michael Allen rolling out, and a tough break for a member of "The Tunnel Hill Mafia" Allen breaking on lap 1 handing the win to Franks.

A Feature 1
1. 4F-Derek Franks, [1]
(DNF) 7-Michael Allen

The Crate late models brought the fans to their feet with the 3 and 4 wide racing! Ethan Hunter took off at the drop of the green and never looked back but the new kid on the block Logan Palmer in the 14LP came charging up battling with "The Big Red Machine" of Bryan Pritchard for the first part of the race, as Hunter was walking away, Josh Walker made a strong run toward the front as well. But in the end it was all Hunter at the line. Taking home his second win in a row!

A Feature 1:
1. 15-Ethan Hunter,
2. 3-Bryan Pritchard,
3. 14LP-Logan Palmer,
4. 2-Josh Walker,
5. 87J-Jake Rainey,
6. 8-Jake Frame,
7. 24-Sean Wimpey,
8. D2-David Duplissey,
9. 57-Matt Leonard,
10. 38-Josey Seals,
11. 21T-Sawyer Tinker,
12. 15G-Michael Evans,
13. 25-Matthew Hamilton,
14. 1-George Wilson,
15. 49-Grant Corul,
16. 29J-Jerry Hendrix,

The Crown Auto Sportsman went wire to wire with no yellows and a strong run by the youngster Colton Jackson leading from the drop of the green with Booger Brooks in hot pursuit but wasn't able to run down the 4J of Jackson.

A Feature 1:
1. 4J-Colton Jackson,
2. 148-Booger Brooks,
3. 7P-Matt Steward,
4. 12-Jeremy Broome,
5. 17J-Justin Cameron,
6. 11H-Patrick Harvey,
7. 11-Donnie Van Winkle,
(DNS) 62-Zach Evans,
(DQ) 4F-Mike Franks,
(DQ) 28-Brandon Stanfield,

The Chevy Performance Super late Models put on an amazing show with Michael Page leading wire to wire, as Ronnie Johnson and Jake Knowles battling down to the fenish on a restart brought out by the spin of Chip Brindle setting up a Green White Checkered Page took off on the restart leaving Johnson and Knowles to battle for second, with Knowles bringing it home leaving Johnson with 3rd.

A Feature 1
: 1. 18X-Michael Page,
2. 66-Jake Knowles,
3. 85-Ronnie Johnson
4. R1-Riley Hickman,
5. 11-Cruz Skinner,
6. 44-Chase King,
7. 66K-Jody Knowles,
8. 87-Zach Pilcher,
9. 59-Dale Thurman,
10. 17-Chip Brindle,
11. 00-Dalton Polson,
12. 03-Oliver Gentry,
13. 23P-Ahnna Parkhust,
14. 92-Joseph Brown,
15. 34-Chad Wallace
16. 19-Landon Bagby,
17. 35-Scott Hall,
18. 28J-Jacques Daniel,
19. 11D-Eric Dalton,
20. 0-Craig Scott,
21. 24-Buster Goss,
(DNS) 24C-Barry Goodman

Street Stocks showed some great battles, with the Gilberts, father and son battling behind Darrell Beckham most of the race, and with the car of 1NJR cody Nelson DQ'ed in the tech areal it handed the win to lamar Hughes for his second win in a row!

A Feature 1
1. 01-Lamar Hughes,
2. 1N-Darrell Beckham
3. 19-Jim Gilbert,
4. T19-Tommy Gilbert
5. 2-Ethan Sims,
6. (DNS) 8 Jeff Crane
(DQ) 1NJR-Cody Nelson [1]

Due to commitments else where we were missing a couple of our new drivers and added another one, but Mark Ramsey took home the checkered leading wire to wire with Brookshire and Turner rounding out the field.

A Feature 1
:1. 13M-Mark Ramsey, [1]
2. 14-Cade Bruckshire, [2]
3. 151-David Turner, [3]



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